Ermanos Brews Up A Special Beer For Their 3rd Anniversary

Eric Erman (center) from Ermanos, head brewer Weedy (left) and owner Matt Brown (right) of Tombstone Brewery.

This week, Ermanos Craft Beer and Wine Bar is gearing up to celebrate their third year on the Avenue. To ring in a new year they’ve partnered up with Tombstone Brewing Company for a limited can release of, BoomTown. The hazy IPA has notes of pineapple and peach and is brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops. On the can the insignia reads: In Cervisia Veritas (In beer there is truth), an homage to Doc Holiday’s famous quote in the movie Tombstone


The Erman brothers shared a bit about the brewing process and why they chose Tombstone Brewery to collaborate with. 

Eric (of the brothers Erman) explained that “Tombstone Brewing Company was at the top of my list for Ermanos’ 3rd year anniversary collaboration because head-brewer, Weedy Weidenthal and owner Matt Brown share a passion for the craft.  We made BoomTown Hazy IPA from Yakima grown Citra and Mosaic hops with lots that were hand selected by Weedy in a year long process of trial and error. One of Tombstone’s signature flavor profiles throughout their lineup derives from Weedy’s choice to eschew two-row malt…Building a beer with a hefty Maris Otter malt backbone was necessary to sustain the huge dry hopping rate we had in mind without sacrificing crush-ability. ”

Though Tombstone is roughly an hour outside of Tucson, the cowboy boomtown shares the same passion for celebrating localism that folks in town do. Both cities have embraced the pioneering spirit of the west and channeled that into business acumen. Particularly when it comes to the brewing scene, places like Tombstone and Tucson have gained state-wide fame for their creative beer production. 

For Eric who spent his formative years brewing, he savors these opportunities to don the brewers boots, mash in, and put in the hard work and meticulousness to share something unique with the Tucson beer community. 


The team also collaborated with Ryan Trayte at Saywells Design to come up with the “Boomtown” theme that reflects the pioneering spirit of brewing on the frontier.

Mark and Eric are excited to enter year three, “We are stoked that people have hung with us through this journey. Ermanos will be rolling out a new spring menu with lots of fun new seasonal dishes.  As with everything, people can expect us to go the extra mile and come up with a few surprises. We can’t wait to celebrate our special day with you!” Mark shared. 

Visit Ermanos at 220 North 4th Avenue and check out their anniversary event on Facebook. 


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