Cave Paper

331 E 7th St, Tucson, AZ 85705

Cave Paper is an independently owned handmade paper production studio operating since 1994. We are dedicated to making decorated and unusual sheets of high quality paper for use by artists, bookbinders, and all types of designers.

Each sheet of Cave Paper is formed and colored by hand. These sheets vary from one to the next, yet retain the same spirit throughout.

We use 100% Belgian Flax in the majority of our papers, with a smaller selection of Cotton and Abaca sheets. Depending on how the fiber is prepared it is capable of looking like translucent skin, expensive leather, or even metal. We specialize in natural dyes including Walnut, Indigo, and Persimmon applied individually and in combination.

We have a catalog of designs that we keep regularly stocked and are happy to work with you on custom designs for your project as well!

By Appointment