Share the Love at The “Lock Your Love” Event on Fourth Avenue

Show that special someone that your love for them is the forever kind. On Saturday, February 10 from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m., the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association will be hosting Lock Your Love on Historic Fourth Avenue. 
Shoppers will receive a Valentine’s card and sticker when they make a purchase from a participating merchant.  After collecting three stickers, take your Valentine’s card to Haggerty Plaza (316 N. 4th Avenue) and turn it in to receive a key. Use your key to try and unlock one of seven golden locks. If your key is “the one,” you will receive a prize!
There will be six non-profits up and down Fourth Avenue selling locks for $5.00 each to raise money for their cause.  Shoppers will receive a sticker for their card if a lock is purchased.
Want to make your lock extra special? You can take your lock to Silver Sea Jewelry to get a your lock engraved by owner, Lizzie Mead. Then take your love lock and place it on one of the  many sculptures along the Avenue.  
End the romantic day with some fun at Haggerty Plaza. There will be Karaoke, live music, and Indian fry bread for sale.

Participating Merchants: 

Make three purchases along the avenue at any of the participating merchants to get your Valentine and stickers. Prizes for the seven winners have been gifted from the below merchants too! 


Non-Profits Participating: 

If you’d like to Lock Your Love on one of Fourth Avenue’s iconic lock sculptures, purchase a lock from one of our participating non-profits. Proceeds from your $5 purchase will be donated to their causes. 

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