A New Chapter for Antigone Books on Tucson’s Historic Fourth Avenue

After 30 years on the Avenue, Antigone Bookstore owners Kate Randall and Trudy Mills have decided it is time to sell the beloved bookstore. But they promised their loyal customers that they would hold out for the “perfect match.”

Looks like they have finally found their perfect partners, and it turns out they were at Antigone all along. Employees Morgan Miller, Kate Stern, and Melissa Negelspach have been working at the bookstore for years and decided that they wanted to purchase the store a year and a half ago when the sale was announced. 

Future Owners of Antigone Books in Tucson, Az.
Future Owners of Antigone Books in Tucson, Az.

After securing a small business loan, the three new owners have also launched a campaign through the crowd-funding website, IndieGoGo, where they hope to raise $32,000 to make the sale official. 

On April 28th, Antigone Books will celebrate Independent Bookstore Day. This party will also serve as an opportunity to meet the new owners of Antigone, show community support, and celebrate Antigone Book’s history and place on Fourth Avenue. Come down to show Antigone some love!

For more information about Antigone Books, visit: http://fourthave.wpengine.com/antigone-books and to contribute to their fundraising efforts, please visit: http://indiegogo.com/help-us-write-the-next-chapter-of-antigone-books.


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