Help Preserve our Culture, Community & Tradition

Fourth Avenue Merchants Association/ Fourth Avenue Street Fairs

 The Fourth Avenue Merchants Association is a local non-profit entity that has successfully held the Fourth Avenue Street Fairs, a world-renowned event and community tradition for over 50 years.  

The Fourth Avenue Street Fairs fund our historic small business district operations, contributes to the success of dozens of other non-profit organizations, and the economic impact subsequently injected over  million dollars annually into our local economy.

The event draws about 100,000 people daily during the three days which in turn contributes to the viability and prosperity for our 120 district locally owned businesses, artists, tourism, employment growth, and keeping to our local culture, arts, crafts, and traditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented all large in-person events from occurring, including our last three revenue producing Fourth Avenue Street Fairs. The devastating impact has now placed into question the future of our beloved Street Fairs.

Today, we are asking for your financial help to preserve our culture, community, and long-standing tradition.