Bawker Bawker a Cider House

Cider House
About Our Taproom
Our spacious taproom provides a place for adults over 21 to connect. Come take a seat at our windows overlooking 4th Avenue. We provide an atmosphere without televisions to encourage people to talk to each other and we request our patrons to leave their children and pets at home so they can enjoy time away from responsibilities.
About Bawker Bawker Cider
We are a non-orchard based cidery located in the desert southwest. We serve our ciders unfiltered which gives them a slightly hazy appearance.
We are excited to introduce our community to unique flavors that bring out the cider lover in everyone. Please share with us what unique flavors you crave.
Our ciders are made with apple juice and flavors that meet gluten free and vegan expectations.
About us
Don Rubino is the owner-operator and he dreamt about opening up his own brewery/cidery from when he started homebrewing in cider and beer since 2009. Aside from brewing one of his other passions is chickens. He LOVES chickens!
His wife, Jaimie Perkunas, would give him a hard time talking to his chickens every morning because he would try to talk to them in their own language, “Bawker Bawker”.
We think chickens are funny and the name makes us smile. 

Wed-Thurs 4pm-10pm Fri 2pm-11pm Sat 12pm-11pm Sun 12pm-7pm Happy Hour 4pm-6pm