Lindy’s on 4th

Fresh n' Tasty!

Lindy’s diner on 4th elevates the hamburger to an art form. Lindy’s Burgers are 1/2 Pound Hand Formed Patties Made of USDA Choice Grade Arizona Grown Beef. Our menu offers the most creative burgers in town, from the

Two Finger Peek-A-Boo to the Dirty Sanchez Lindy’s creates a food experience you will want to experience again and again. You can also enjoy our variety of Philly cheese steaks, chicken sandwiches, or one of our vegetarian burger options. We also offer great cocktails at unbeatable prices. Lindy’s Diner on 4th invites you to discover your new favorite hamburger in Tucson.

500 North 4th Avenue
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Closed Mon Tues-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 11am-5pm