Official Statement on Rainbow Crosswalks from the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association

The Merchants of Fourth Avenue are honored to be the stewards of Arizona’s first Rainbow Crosswalks!

This is our declaration:

“We embrace every member of our community and celebrate the diverse cultures which continue to be woven into the fabric of the Old Pueblo.”

In collaboration with the City of Tucson, Speedy Striping, Inc., and the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, Historic Fourth Avenue supported the installation of a public art piece that promotes the positive values of our community.

The project cost approximately $68,000, with $55,500 coming from the private sector and the balance from the City of Tucson, through Council Member Karin Uhlich’s Office.

We invite everyone to come down to Historic Fourth Avenue to enjoy and share this beautiful artwork with your friends, family and neighbors!


  1. Maggie

    How long will the paint last? The sun is brutal!

  2. Monica

    Very cool!

  3. I am glad much of the money came from the private sector. I have volunteered with Wingpoan and SAAF in the past, but I do not want our taxes paying for a private project, regardless of what my stance is.

  4. Jess

    Get it, 4th Ave! I love it!!! Thanks for keeping this town I love, my home, fresh and beautiful.

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